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Avant-garde French black metal troupe Blut Aus Nord’s latest excruciatingly haunting offering MORT delves the listener into pits of despair wrapped in drunken dissonance. With its unique array of black metal brazen with woozy swirls of guitar feedback and industrial-tinged bleakness fully in tow, this eight-track endeavor provides a sinister mindtrip whose chills will encumber your bones long after the stop button has been pushed on the CD player. Not for the faint of heart or unadventurous spirit. www.candlelightrecordsusa.com -Mike SOS

Yet another innocuous rock band put out by Victory Records, the five guys from Minnesota which comprise Four Letter Lie do the Taking Back Sunday meets Hawthorne Heights act with dashes of Glassjaw and Coheed and Cambria peeking through the overwrought but not as annoying as normal pseudo tough guy/ angelic vocal tradeoffs heard on tracks like “Cowboys & Indians”. Despite the fact that these dudes have rad haircuts and look more well-groomed than Paris Hilton’s pooch, the versatile musicianship displayed on cuts like “Full Tilt Boogie” trumps their gone-tomorrow look tenfold, while impassioned tunes like the title track and the driving “Tell Me Everything” illuminate this 12 track release’s genre-shifting style and overall strong dynamic switches. Four Letter Lie is an acquired taste, leaning heavy on the Warped Tour punk and screamo/ emo border, but there’s enough good stuff inside LET YOUR BODY TAKE OVER to warrant repeated listens. 

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Blackened Swedish metal served up with a side of hatred best describes the sonic battering of the five-track release from the one man wrecking crew known as Heresi. PSALM II: INFUSCO IGNIS is a ferocious album fused with shards of oppressive black metal riffs and technically proficient rhythms. Just check out the crawling dirge opening of “Dionyssisinitiationen” for an exemplary frigid moment or the rapid-fire Megadeth meets Emperor by way of At The Gates guitar lovefest that enables “Prosairesis” to reach startling heights as proof that Heresi draws from a plethora of metallic firepower and vitriolic venom to spit out upon your hapless soul. www.hydrahead.com -Mike SOS
The opening strains of Urgeal’s GOATCRAFT TORMENT reveals a raspy voice declaring “This is Satanic Death Metal”. Talk about truth in advertising, as this 10-track endeavor’s relentless worship of all that is evil is ingrained on every double bass blast and razor-sharp riff adorning cuts like “Gathered Under the Horns” and “Risus Sardonius”. Replicating the classic recorded in a wind tunnel sound of the underground while upgrading the overall production to come out unabashedly raw yet thick and full, Urgeal’s malicious intent and diabolical assault on both your beliefs and your senses ring true loud and clear. www.southernlord.com -Mike SOS
Americore Review 

Erie, PA straightedge crew XRepresentX play the kind of angst-driven chest beating hardcore you’d expect from four dudes weaned on a drug free lifestyle, right down to the brutal breakdowns found on “One Chance”. Finding solace in the monstrous sounds of bands like Buried Alive and Ringworm, tracks like “Get Something” are as explosive as Madball yet as earnest in their message as Earth Crisis, while “Written in Blood” demonstrates these guys have seen their share of Hatebreed shows. While hardly considered groundbreaking, TRUE AT ALL COSTS is an album that brandishes its fair share of bonebreaking moments while staying genuine in its pursuit. www.x1981x.com -Mike S
Queens, NY crew The Straphangers play a straight-up barrage of pissed off hardcore punk that explodes from the opening see-saw riff of 1. Strong back-up vocals and a distinct female frontwoman intertwine well here, as the tradeoffs are crisp and memorable, especially on 2. While the raw production holds a special charm, the undeniable metallic punch the twin guitars hold while maintaining the punk spirit would totally benefit with a beefed up studio session. Nonetheless, this four-track presentation showcases a band whose vitriolic angst-ridden tirades and circle-pit inspiring chaotic catchiness may garnish them both crossover appeal and immediate underground recognition. If you dig F-Minus, Biohazard, and Blood for Blood, you’ll enjoy The Straphangers brand of real deal punk. www.myspace.com/straphangers -Mike SOS


Norwegian metal dudes from a few different bands join forces, get all progressive, and reach jazzy peaks and technical metal excellence on Twisted Into Form’s latest 10-track release. There’s a slew of funk protruding out of tracks like “The Thin Layers of Lust and Love”, while “Tear” and “Erased” display the relationship this band forges by capturing the sound of doom metal shaking hands with jazz fusion. If you’ve got a flare for adventure, can tolerate splashes of wankery and overindulgence, and own any Malmsteen or Watchtower disc, tracks like “Instinct Solitaire” and “Manumit” properly mesh the avant-garde and traditional metal from which Twisted Into Form draws its strength from. www.lasersedgegroup.com -Mike SOS

Well-rounded power metal with a world music scope sans Viking helmets and light on the fantastic imagery comes courtesy of Brazil’s Angra and their latest 10-track release AURORA CONSURGENS. Juxtaposing elements of progressive metal a la Queensryche with the power metal played by bands like Manowar and Blind Guardian, this disc gets both operatic and oppressively heavy, sometimes, as in the case on “Salvation: Suicide”, at the same time. Expressing their need for speed with the same vigor as they convey their yearning to reach the nougat-filled creamy chorus center on cuts like “The Voice Commanding You”, Angra makes a metallic concept album about a religious manuscript by Saint Thomas of Aquin the subject matter of one hell of a power metal release. www.spvusa.com -Mike SOS
Mushroomhead returns with a more dance-able sound on SAVIOR SORROW, which means that Goth strippers everywhere now have one or two more songs to choose from. Other than that, this 12-track disc is a pretty bland, generic, and unbalanced release. However, with tricks up their costumes like the speaker scorching riff from “Tattoo” and the way their poignant Pink Floyd-esque “Embrace the End” finally gives them that Bic lighter send-off their live show craved, this disc does offer a lot of versatility. But when the appeal is mired in leftover Korn and third-rate NIN, the overall effect of songs like “Erase the Doubt” come off sounding like of sanitized industrial-strength nu-metal that the band really had to purge out of themselves. www.megaforcerecords.com -Mike SOS